DJI Spark Upgrade Downgrade Firmware DJI Assistant

DJI Spark Assistant 2 App Install Firmware upgrade and downgrade

DJI Spark Assistant 2 App Install Firmware upgrade and downgrade

Today we’re going to be talking about the DJI Assistant 2 App and how it relates to the Spark. We will also take a look at installing or downgrading firmware updates.So let’s get into it.

Lets start out by downloading the Assistant 2 app to our PC or MAC. You can find the link in the description below or on DJI’s website.

Simply google search assistant 2 app and select the link to the correct DJI link. From here we will scroll to Software section on the page and select the appropriate executable file for your PC or Mac. You can also download the release notes here as well. Since I am running a PC I will select the Zip and .exe files. For PC users I recommend holding off on the download because you may have an extra step. We will cover that step now. For MAC users you should be good to go for the download.

If you are a PC user and running any form of windows 8.1 or windows 10 you may run into a driver issue if you install the Assistant 2 app direct to your machine. The driver issue will appear when you try to connect your DJI drone to the Assistant 2 app, it will show a connection error. The problem relates to the way Windows handles unsigned drivers, it will prompt if you would like to install them but will not properly install or will not load the drivers leaving the computer unable to read the data from the Drone to the app cause connectivity errors. If that’s the case then follow these steps to correct the issue.
First step is to reboot into advanced features by holding down the shift key and selecting reboot. Select the option to troubleshoot, Advanced options, AND START UP SETTINGS. This will reboot the computer into the settings screen we will need. Second step once the Computer has rebooted into Startup settings you want to select the option for Disable Driver signature enforcement. Thiswill allow the Assistant 2 app to load all the necessary drivers onto the computer for the App to fully work with you DJI drones. Third step is to let the computer reboot and log in as usual. Now we can install the DJI Assistant 2 App.

From here we take the dot exe file that we downloaded from the DJI website and double =-click to start the program. The App will walk you through the install process for a simple and easy to use experience. Once the installation is complete it will ask if you would like to open the DJI Spark Assistant 2 App.
Now that we have the DJI Spark Assistant 2 App installed let’s get the Spark ready. First, We want to remove the props from all four corners since we will be plugging the Spark in uncontrolled. Secondly, we lift up the back cover to reveal the microUSB and SD card slot holder. Then connect your micro usb to the spark and connect it to the computer. Now it is safe to power on the Spark

With the difficult part behind us we can now upgrade or downgrade the Firmware on the Spark. With the Spark powered on and connected the Spark will now show up in the App. Once selected it will open up into the main panel where you can view the tools available for the Spark. The very top option is Firmware Update so let’s select that. Here in the Firmware Update page it will display your current Firmware on the top left in blue and it will list the 3 most current firmware updates. It gives you the option to refresh your current firmware, in case it somehow gets corrupted or it lists the 2 firmware’s that are available to downgrade. So let’s downgrade first and see what happens. Select the downgrade button and it will pop up with a to-do list. Make sure your connected to the internet and the Spark is powered on and has enough battery life for the procedure. Also, that the USB is connected throughout the entirety of the process.

The downgrade process goes in three phases download transmitting and updating phases and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete with no user intervention from me at all.

Once the downgrade is complete, the app will prompt you Update complete and it is safe to return to the firmware update screen. You can do this by selecting the back button or the Firmware Update in the Menu. Once you return to the update menu you can see that the downgrade is complete and you are now running a outdated version of firmware. Now lets update it to the latest and see how that goes.
Upgrading the firmware is the exact same process as the downgrade. Be sure to follow the process carefully and keep the Spark connected throughout the whole process. Once the upgrade is complete ensure that the Sparks current firmware is displaying the firmware that you just upgraded to. At this point it is safe to disconnect the Spark and go out and fly. Just remember to reset the IMU and compass to ensure your day of flying is full of fun!