Prevent Fly-A-Ways check your DJI Spark WiFi Interference and Sensors State

DJI Spark WiFi Interference

Today we’re going to be talking about the DJI Spark WiFi Interference and how much it is susceptible too. I have a eero TrueMesh WiFi system that offers tri-band WiFi signals and it covers the same spectrum as the DJI Spark. We’re going to use this as a means to test interference and show what the Spark can or can not handle.

So whenever you go to a new flying field you definitely want to check for interference.

Not only the IMU and Compass interference, which you can find here in sensor state, click the 3 dots go into general settings

then MC settings

and scroll down to advanced settings at the bottom.

From here you can see where it says sensor state.

The IMU and Compass Sensor readings are found here.

You have 4 color options that are used to show the state of the sensors.

Blue- Channel In Use Green- Excellent Yellow- Good or Red- Poor. It is my personal opinion that Red should be labeled DO NOT FLY, but that’s just me. DJI uses this color scheme throughout the spark to show either signal strength or sensor state as stated previously.



…..But you also need to check the WiFi interference too…..



We’re going to go into WiFi channels…. Pay attention to this… This is important! You have your 2.4 GHz and your 5.8GHz, this is referencing the WiFi channels you have available to use.

These are the WiFi channels which connect your remote control to your drone or your phone to your drone. There are 2 bands used here with the Spark: 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. These are the same WiFi ranges used in the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standards.


If you notice I am using the 5.8 GHz range right now and it has available the 149, 153, 157, 161, and 165. Notice 161 and 165 are fluctuating between green and red… This is going to make me NOT use these channels it’s going to make me stay away from these channels. Right now I am on the 149 band. If you are ever going to change these channels you want to do it on the ground and never in flight. The Spark Disconnects while changing channels and to avoid the risk of fly away you want to be grounded. I have my propellers off on the spark right now just in case anything were to happen. So I am going to choose channel index 153 and hit apply, and you will see the channel get “busy” and settle back down once the channel change has completed.

DJI Spark WiFi Interference

RSSI or Received Signal Strength Indicator is a common name for the received radio signal power level in a wireless network. It is often measured in either decibel (DB) or simply numbers between 0 and 100. RSSI can be expressed as either a negative or positive value, however, in both instances, smaller values closer to zero indicate a stronger signal. In this case, as it relates to the spark the RSSI is measuring the interference in the channels from -60 to -100 and the lower the interference is towards the -100 scales the better quality the controller is to the spark

The point I’m trying to drive home is 1 be aware of your surroundings, 2 monitor your WiFi channels, and 3 If you fly in a new area check double check and triple check all you sensor states and WiFi channel congestion.